Belfast International Airport is a major airport located 11.5 NM northwest of Belfast in Northern Ireland. It was formerly known and is still referred to as Aldergrove Airport, after the village of the same name lying immediately to the west of the airport. Belfast International shares its runways with the Royal Air Force base RAF Aldergrove, which otherwise has its own facilities.

ATS Communication Facilities

Position Radio Callsign IvAc ident Frequency FRA
Aldergrove Radar
EGAA_APP 128.500 AS3
Aldergrove Director
EGAA_F_APP 120.900 AS3
Aldergrove Tower
EGAA_TWR 118.300 AS2
Aldergrove Ground
EGAA_GND 121.750 ---
  • FIN may only be opened with express permission from IVAO the UK ATC Operations Department.

Navigation Aids

Type Frequency Identifier Runway
ILS/GP 110.90 MHz I-FT 17
ILS/GP 109.90 MHz I-AG 25
VOR 117.20 MHz BEL --
NDB 332 KHz OY 25

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