The airport serves as a base for EasyJet, Monarch Airlines, Thomson Airways and Ryanair. The vast majority of the routes served are within Europe, although there are some charter and scheduled routes to destinations in Northern Africa and Asia. Luton is also the busiest airport in the UK in terms of executive aircraft movements.

ATS Communication Facilities

Position Radio Callsign IvAc ident Frequency FRA
Luton Radar
EGGW_APP 129.550 ADC
Luton Director
EGGW_F_APP 128.750 ADC
Luton Tower
EGGW_TWR 132.550 AS3
Luton Ground
EGGW_GND 121.750 AS2
Luton Delivery
EGGW_DEL 121.675 ---
  • FIN may only be opened with express permission from IVAO the UK ATC Operations Department.
  • Controller training takes place at Luton, students registered on an aerodrome course taking place at Luton may log on without holding an ADC rating.

Navigation Aids

Type Frequency Identifier Runway
ILS/GP 109.15 MHz I-LTN 08
ILS/GP 109.15 MHz I-LJ 26
NDB 345 KHz LUT --

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