Leeds Bradford airport is located between the cities of Leeds and Bradford, and lies to the northwest of the Manchester TMA. Airspace surrounding the airport is class D.

Leeds Radar is responsible for the Leeds Radar Manoeuvring Area (RMA), the Leeds Control Zone, the Leeds Control Area and the airspace within 40nm of Leeds. Leeds Radar is also responsible for the LBA Stack.

ATS Communication Facilities

Position Radio Callsign IvAc ident Frequency FRA
Leeds Radar
EGNM_APP 133.125 AS3
Leeds Tower
EGNM_TWR 120.300 None
Leeds Delivery
EGNM_DEL 121.800 None
  • GMP can only be opened once RAD and AIR are online.

Navigation Aids

Type Frequency Identifier Runway
ILS/GP 110.90 MHz I-LBF 14
ILS/GP 110.90 MHz I-LF 32
NDB 402.50 MHz LBA 14/32

Preferential Selection of Runway

Leeds operates a preferential runway scheme, whereby the Westerly runway (32) will be used for take-off and landing in preference to the Easterly runway (14) when the tailwind component is no greater than 5kts and the surface is dry. The choice of runway remains that of AIR.

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