Flow Charts

Flow charts are designed to assist area controllers to visualise arrival and departure routes for major aerodromes or aerodrome groups. Although every effort is made to keep the flow charts up to date there may be occasional discerepancies. The standing agreements on the relevant sector pages shall always be considered correct.

Available charts

London & Scottish FIR Flow (including Intention Codes) eff. 22/04/2011
Birmingham (includes Coventry) eff. 07/09/2010
East Midlands eff. 07/09/2010
Liverpool eff. 08/09/2010
London City (includes Biggin Hill arrivals) eff. 24/08/2010
London Heathrow (includes Northolt arrivals) eff. 24/08/2010
London Gatwick eff. 26/04/2011
London Luton eff. 24/08/2010
London Stansted eff. 24/08/2010
Manchester eff. 26/04/2011
Solent (Southampton/Bournemouth) eff. 24/08/2010

More airfields will be added in the near future.

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