Division Headquarters

Graeme Wright

Division Director

Membership Department

Carl Chamberlain

Membership Coordinator

Mubeen Shahzad

Membership Assistant Coordinator

ATC Operations Department

Shaun Ellis

ATC Operations Coordinator

Out of office from 18th to 24th of October 2017.

Simon Laqueur

Shanwick Oceanic FIR Chief

Gary Hubbard

Shannon FIR Chief

Wilm Hendrik Schulz

Shanwick Oceanic FIR Assistant Chief

Craig Tyler

Shanwick Oceanic FIR Advisor 1

Training Department

Ben Leonard

Training Coordinator

Gary Hubbard

Training Advisor 4

Wilm Hendrik Schulz

Training Advisor 5

Mason Carter

Training Advisor 7

Shaun Ellis

Training Advisor 8

Max McKenzie

Training Advisor 9

Events Department

James Slater

Events Coordinator

PR Department

Danny Richmond

Public Relations Coordinator

Web Department

Benno Goslicki


Tim Opitz

Assistant Webmaster