New Pilot Night | 18z - 2011-07-05

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We are glad to announce that after the successful return of our New Pilot Night, we will be holding another one. These light-hearted and informal afternoons are aimed at helping people who are new to the network learn basic flying skills whilst getting familiar with ATC and the IVAO software. Therefore the sessions will be based around flying VFR circuits at a small/medium airfield with a Tower Controller. They will be taught by Staff & members side-by-side.  

- Tuesday 5th July

- 1800z (1900BST) Onwards

How do I get involved?
- It's simple - join the EU6 Teamspeak Server at the given time in the channel called EGGD_TWR. Feel free to drop-in during the sessions to pick up what people are learning, it will be very relaxed and informal with the emphasis on getting airborne and flying. 
- You may find the following briefing document useful to learn a little about the circuit that we will be flying at Bristol. Click Here.
- To join TeamSpeak, simply follow the instructions here but join instead of (
- A great freeware scenery for Bristol can be found here.

What do I need to know?
We are more than happy to help you from scratch as we will have enough mentors to hopefully be able to deal with members problems individually. However you may wish to look over the following points:

- We have compiled very useful information relating to flying VFR circuits at Bristol Click Here.
- Charts for Bristol can be found here. (It is worth perhaps printing/glancing over these - primarily the Aerdrome Chart, Parking Chart & Control Zone Chart.) 

If you have any questions or concerns you'd like to discuss before the afternoon, we're more than happy to help. Drop an email to training[at]

We look forward to seeing lots of members there for an enjoyable afternoon.

IVAO UK Training Department

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