Pilot Training Night - 2008-07-13

The United Kingdom Division Training Department is pleased to announce the third edition of Pilot Training Nights! Held every fortnight, albeit on different evenings, these Pilot Training Nights are a perfect opportunity for new and experienced pilots to improve their skills in a relaxed and friendly environment. Multiple instructors will be on hand to assist you in your flying - and you're more than welcome to have a chat afterwards and get to know other members of the division!

The third Pilot Training Night will be held at Glasgow (EGPF) aerodrome on Sunday 13th July at 1900z (2000 UK local). All pilots, new and experienced, are very welcome to attend! You'll have a great time - not to mention the amount you'll learn!

At every Pilot Training Night, a number of instructors will each be teaching on a different subject. The topics will be selected carefully to ensure that the evening is suitable for a range of pilot abilities, so you needn't worry about being out of your depth or falling asleep! The focus of the Training Nights will be practical rather than theoretical, so you get to spend more time in the air. If you'll be attending the first Pilot Training Night, you can have your say on which topics are covered by voting for your preferred option in this poll.

Especially for our new pilots, we will always run a 'first connection' lesson, where we help you log on for the first time. You'll fly circuits under expert instruction, all in a buzzing multiplayer environment. This is a great introduction to IVAO, and you're sure to be hooked on flying! Experienced pilots looking for a challenge are sure to be rewarded - we'll cover tough topics like NDB approaches, engine failure procedures, use of Air Traffic Services Outside Controlled Airspace (ATSOCAS), and more...

Whether you've logged 2 hours or 200, whether you're a new member or a veteran, we'd love to see you at our Pilot Training Night, on Sunday 13th July at 1900z (2000 UK local) at Glasgow. The more the merrier - we're certain you won't regret it!

Iain Butler (GB-TAC)
Splendor Bouman (GB-TC)

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