User Guide

This guide provides step by step instructions which will enable you to successfully enrol on the IVAO United Kingdom Division training program.

Logging in

Whenver you try and access a page with user specific details such as Training Material or Practical Training you will be asked to log-in. You may also log-in from the front page.


If you already have an account, login with your account details. If you don’t have an account, you can create on by pressing the “register” link at the bottom of the page:


Enter your VID, first name, Surname, email address, current pilot and ATC ratings and a password you will remember.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to access user-specific details such as your profile and the course enrollment systems.

Theoretical Training

Before applying for practical training or a rating exam you should complete the theoretical training, starting with the "Introductory Course" then progressing to a rating course.

In the training system menu, under “Training Material”, select the course you wish to complete. You will then be presented with this screen:


In the username field, enter your IVAO VID. In the password field, enter the password you specified when you registered with the Training System above.

Once logged in, you will then be presented with the following screen:


There are 17 topics contained within this course. We only require you to have a good understanding of 13 of these topics. (The topic titles that appear in bold are the 13 you should read.) The remaining 4 topics can be read at your leisure and are there for those people who would like to further enhance their knowledge.

Completing a Lesson

In this example, we will complete lesson MET1 – Introduction.

Click on the “MET1 – Introduction” link to access the lesson:


You should read and learn the page to the best of your ability. To move onto the next page, click the “Continue” button:


You should continue to press the continue button after reading each page until you read the end of the lesson. Once you have completed a lesson, you will be presented with the following page:


You will then be redirected to the main page. This process should be repeated for each lesson.

Lesson Assessment

Once you have read all the lessons for one of the compulsory topics, you must then take a short assessment. The assessment is a series of 5 multiple choice questions based on the material read. It is not a pass or fail assessment. It is a way for us to easily track your progress and the results also give us a good indication on how well the material has been written.

In this example, we will complete META – Meteorology Assessment.

Click on the “META – Meteorology Assessment” link to access the assessment:


Press the “Attempt quiz now” button to begin. Once you have answered the questions, press the “Submit all and finish” button. You will then see your score for that assessment.

You should repeat this process for each of the 13 compulsory topics.


If there is any material you don’t understand or would like clarifying, or any general comments that you would like to make, you can make use of the forum boards located in each section. By clicking on the “Navigation Questions and Discussions” link, you are presented with the following forum:


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